Anonymous: If I fuck your ass after a lunch date tacobell, my dick is going to come out looking like a melted snickers bar.


Jul 24th / 22 notes
Anonymous: whats your dream date?

take me to taco bell, fuck my ass, take me shopping

Jul 24th / 20 notes
Anonymous: What do you find attractive in a guy (besides a big dick ffs)

a perfectly round ass

Jul 24th / 10 notes
Anonymous: Important question: what is your favorite movie

anything by sean cody

Jul 24th / 13 notes
Anonymous: Taken? Or nahh...'

single & ready to mingle hmu

Jul 24th / 7 notes
Anonymous: have you ever masturbated with a condom on?


Jul 24th / 14 notes
Anonymous: what are your hobbies

sexting people on gta 5

Jul 24th / 12 notes
Anonymous: would you give advice to your followers

i’m here for ya bruh. i got a lifetime of knowledge.

Jul 24th / 3 notes
Anonymous: so you are gay?

everyone’s a lil gay

Jul 24th / 21 notes
Anonymous: would ever consider doing gay porn?

probably. only to pay my way through college though.

Jul 24th / 13 notes